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An efficient frame aggregation and block-ACK scheme for 60 GHz short-range point-to-point transmission

: Luo, J.; Kortke, A.; Keusgen, W.


Wireless personal communications 69 (2013), Nr.1, S.53-73
ISSN: 0929-6212
Fraunhofer HHI ()

The exploitation of the 60 GHz band is a very promising approach to fulfill the rapidly increasing data rate requirement of wireless indoor communication. One important 60 GHz application is the short-range point-to-point data transmission with Ultra-High-Rate (UHR, up to 10 Gbps) (Krone et al. in International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 2011, 189-200). The design of such high data rate systems is very challenging. Except for Analog-Front-End (AFE) and physical layer (PHY) designs, the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer design is also crucial for the achievable system throughput. Among the MAC functionalities, the acknowledgment (ACK) mechanism is a very important component affecting the transmission efficiency and reliability. In this paper, a Hybrid Dynamic Frame Aggregation and Block-Acknowledgment (HD-FABA) scheme is proposed, which enables large-scale frame aggregation and can achieve significant ACK overhead reduction compared to the existing s chemes. A theoretical model is developed for throughput analysis, which is verified by packet-level simulation. Both theoretical- and simulation results show that the HD-FABA scheme allows a number of MAC parameters to be optimized according to the PHY conditions (e.g. BER), leading to much higher throughput than with the state-of-the-art scheme.