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Super-high-frequency SAW resonators on AlN/diamond

: Rodriguez-Madrid, J.G.; Iriarote, G.F.; Pedros, J.; Williams, O.A.; Brink, D.; Calle, F.


IEEE Electron Device Letters 33 (2012), Nr.4, S.495-497
ISSN: 0741-3106
ISSN: 0193-8576
Fraunhofer IAF ()
AlN/diamond; surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator; super-high-frequency band; thickness influence

This letter describes the procedure to manufacture high-performance surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators on AlN/diamond heterostructures working at frequencies beyond 10 GHz. In the design of SAW devices on AlN/diamond systems, the thickness of the piezoelectric layer is a key parameter. The influence of the film thickness on the SAW device response has been studied. Optimized thin films combined with advanced e-beam lithographic techniques have allowed the fabrication of one-port SAW resonators with finger width and pitch of 200 nm operating in the 10-14 GHz range with up to 36 dB out-of-band rejection.