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Computational models to dertermine fluiddynamical transients due to condensation induced water hammer (CIWH)

: Swidersky, H.; Schaffrath, A.; Dudlik, A.

Kerntechnik 77 (2012), Nr.2, S.87-93
ISSN: 0932-3902
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()

Condensation induced water hammer ("condensation ham-mer", CIWH) represent a dangerous phenomenon in pipings, which can endanger the pipe integrity. If they cannot be ex-cluded, they have to be taken into account for the integrity proof of components and pipe structures. Up to now, there ex-ists no substantiated model, which sufficiently determines loads due to CIWH. Within the framework of the research alliance CIWA, a tool for estimating the potential and the amount of pressure loads will be developed based on theoretical work and supported by experimental results. This first study dis-cusses used computational models, results of experimental ob-servations and gives an outlook onto future techniques.