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Using LAMA for efficient AMG on hybrid clusters

: Kraus, J.; Förster, M.; Brandes, T.; Soddemann, T.


Computer science, research + development 28 (2013), Nr.2-3, S.211-220
ISSN: 1865-2034
ISSN: 1865-2042
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

In this paper, we describe the implementation of an AMG solver for a hybrid cluster that exploits distributed and shared memory parallelization and uses the available GPU accelerators on each node. This solver has been written by using LAMA (Library for Accelerated Math Applications). This library does not only provide an easy-to-use framework for solvers that might run on different devices with different matrix formats, but also comes with features to optimize and hide communication and memory transfers between CPUs and GPUs. These features are explained and their impact on the efficiency of the AMG solver is shown in this paper. The benchmark results show that an efficient use of hybrid clusters is even possible for multi-level methods like AMG where fast solutions are needed on all levels for multiple problem sizes.