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A digital library framework for heterogeneous music collections: From document acquisition to cross-modal interaction

: Damm, D.; Fremerey, C.; Thomas, V.; Clausen, M.; Kurth, F.; Müller, M.


International journal on digital libraries 12 (2012), Nr.2-3, S.53-71
ISSN: 1432-5012
Fraunhofer FKIE ()

In this paper, we present a digital library system for managing heterogeneous music collections. The heterogeneity refers to various document types and formats as well as to different modalities, e. g., CD-audio recordings, scanned sheet music, and lyrics. The system offers a full-fledged, widely automated document processing chain: digitization, indexing, annotation, access, and presentation. Our system is implemented as a generic and modular music repository based on a service-oriented software architecture. As a particular strength of our approach, the various documents representing aspects of a piece of music are jointly considered in all stages of the document processing chain. Our user interfaces allow for a multimodal and synchronized presentation of documents (WYSIWYH: what you see is what you hear), a score- or lyrics-based navigation in audio, as well as a cross- and multimodal retrieval. Hence, our music repository may be called a truly cross-modal library sy stem. In our paper, we describe the system components, outline the techniques of the document processing chain, and illustrate the implemented functionalities for user interaction. We describe how the system is put into practice at the Bavarian State Library (BSB) Munich as a part of the German PROBADO Digital Library Initiative (PDLI).