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Room temperature MBE deposition of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 thin films with low charge carrier densities

: Peranio, N.; Winkler, M.; Aabdin, Z.; König, J.; Böttner, H.; Eibl, O.


Physica status solidi. A 209 (2012), Nr.2, S.289-293
ISSN: 0031-8965
ISSN: 1862-6300
ISSN: 1521-396X
ISSN: 1862-6319
Fraunhofer IPM ()
EDX; MBE; point defects; TEM; thermoelectric effect; thin films

Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 thin films were grown at room temperature on SiO2 substrates using MBE and were subsequently annealed at 250°C. The films were stoichiometric, polycrystalline, textured, and yielded strikingly low charge carrier densities of about 2.7 × 10(exp 19) cm-3. The in-plane transport properties were measured at room temperature, the thermopower was 130 µVK(exp -1) for Sb2Te3 and -153 µVK(-1) for Bi2Te3 thin films. The small charge carrier densities are explained by a reduced antisite defect density due to the low temperatures to which the thin films were exposed during annealing.