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New developments in high power diode laser welding

: Nägeler, S.; Bonß, S.; Barthel, K.; Brenner, B.; Beyer, E.

9th Annual Automotive Laser Applications Workshop, ALAW 2001. Proceedings : Dearborn, USA, 13.-14. März 2001
Dearborn/Mich., 2001
Automotive Laser Applications Workshop (ALAW) <9, 2001, Dearborn/Mich.>
Fraunhofer IWS ()

Welding thin sheet metal with high power diode lasers closes the feed rate gap between conventional techniques like TIG-or plasma-welding and CO(sub 2)-or Nd:YAG-laser welding. Because of its size a high power diode laser can be integrated in common mobile linear welding devices. The weld seams are narrower comparing to TIG-welding, even with filler wire. Deep penetration welding with filler wire is performed with a lower heat input if a high power diode laser is used. That minimizes distortion and refinishing. Some applications for mobile use of high power diode lasers are presented. Heat treatment of conventional or laser beam welded carbon steel or TRIP-steel sheets is used to avoid cracking. High power diode lasers are well suited for that task. Surface temperature controlled post heat treatment of crack sensitive welds is presented in the paper.