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Method for multi-scale modelling and simulation of assembly systems

: Neumann, Michael; Constantinescu, Carmen; Westkämper, Engelbert

Chryssolouris, George (Ed.); Mourtzis, Dimitris (Ed.); Constantinescu, Carmen (Int. Programm Committee); Westkämper, Engelbert (Int. Programm Committee); Sihn, Wilfried (Int. Programme Committee) ; University of Patras, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Lab. for Manufacturing Systems and Automation; International Institution for Production Engineering Research -CIRP-, Paris:
45th CIRP CMS 2012, Conference on Manufacturing Systems. CD-ROM : 16-18 May 2012, Athens, Greece. Proceedings
Patras, 2012
Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS) <45, 2012, Athens>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
multi-scaling simulation; Fabrikplanung; modeling; Montagesystem; Fabrikplanung; Simulation; Anlagenplanung; Fertigungsprozess

This paper presents the on-going research steps aiming at the development of a Method for Multi-scale Modelling and Simulation of Assembly System. The focus lies on the Assembly System Base Model and its integration into the whole method. After motivating research, the developed method and the conceived model of the assembly system is introduced, by using the proposed methodology. The presented approach aims at the manageability of the systems complexity and the acceleration of optimization and adaption processes. It concludes with a roadmap shaping the next steps and activities.