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3D-tape drawing in virtual and augmented reality

: Amicis, R. de; Fiorentino, M.; Stork, A.; Monno, G.

Associazione Nazionale Disegno di Macchine -ADM-:
International Conference on Tools and Methods Evolution in Engineering Design 2003. Proceedings. CD-ROM : XIII ADM - XV INGEGRAF
Napoli: ARPA, Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, 2003
6 S.
International Conference on Tools and Methods Evolution in Engineering Design <2003, Cassino ; Napoli ; Salerno>
Associazione Nazionale Disegno di Macchine (Congreso) <13, 2003, Cassino ; Napoli ; Salerno>
Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Gráfica (INGEGRAF) <15, 2003, Cassino ; Napoli ; Salerno>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
free-form modelling; Virtual reality (VR); human-computer interaction

The initial phases of the design of industrial products, and the sketching phase in particular, are tasks usually fulfilled without the help of specific software applications. Current research efforts have shown how the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D input devices could significantly aid the initial design phases [De Amicis, 1999], providing stylists with tools that support their natural attitude towards creativity without forcing them to use complex or unnatural metaphors. This paper describes the latest state of the implementation of the SPACE DESIGN and the Sketch AR system, developed by the authors at the Fraunhofer Istitute for computer graphics at the industrial application Department, and it contributes in the definition of methodologies of interaction suitable to intuitively and interactively model free form curves and surfaces in VR. The system is based on a well-established technique for conceptualisation and description of design ideas, the tape drawing, and it revises this metaphor to adapt it to a VR and AR working environment. This research work has been inspired by Tovi Grossman [Grossman et al. 2002], but to the authors there is no known approach that tries to integrate the creation and editing phase, developed and integrated inside a VR-CAD environment, for 3D curves in free space, in such natural way, herein we see the major contribution of this paper.