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Methodology for the analysis of non-functional attributes of automotive systems throughout the development process using EAST ADL

: Clanzig, Kellya
: Stante, Alexander; Herkersdorf, Andreas

München, 2012, XV, 96 S.
München, TU, Master Thesis, 2012
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
EAST-ADL2; non-funcional attributes; timing analysis; scheduling

The trend towards automotive software modeling and analysis has strenghtened during the last years as embedded automotive software are becoming increasingly complex. Software development processes for automotive systems have been reinforced and modelling languages have been developed to support the process. The Electronics Architecture and Software Technology-Architecture Description Language (EAST-ADL) was developed in this context. This language based on AUTOSAR aims at the early validation of software functions, allowing system modeling from user requirements specification to system design. The purpose of this thesis is to develop a methodology for the analysis of non-functional properties using EAST-ADL. To this end, the non-functional properties modeled in EAST-ADL are explored. Then, timing analysis methods are evaluated and the required set of input data are aligned with the information available at EAST-ADL different levels of abstraction. This research is illustrated by the implementation of a model transformation from EAST-ADL UML to a scheduling analysis tool, SymTA/S. This transformation is tested thanks to a UML model of a braking system that was realized using the EAST-ADL UML profile. This work shows that EAST-ADL allows timing analysis during the design phase, providing a way for testing the design choices and exploring software and hardware variations impact before the actual implementation of the system.