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Conveying information for cultural heritage with mobile augmented reality

Concepts for mixing realities on Smartphones
: Keil, Jens
: Bockholt, Ulrich

Darmstadt, 2011, 106 S.
Darmstadt, FH, Master Thesis, 2011
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
cultural heritage; mobile augmented reality (AR); mobile interaction

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is stepping into mass markets and everyday usage. While the technology evolves from lightweight to sophisticated technical approaches running on mobile devices, this thesis questions and explores how to perceive information with AR and how to interact with reality on mobile devices, mediated by it. The thesis analyzes recent smartphone-based approaches of video-see-through AR and proposes a categorization that shapes AR's nature. Thereby it shows how AR can sustainably add value for conveying information. It gives an overview of information mediation and interaction techniques that are suitable for mobile AR on smartphones and recent tablets in the context of cultural heritage. Examples and small experiments give an impression of the state-of-the-art and discuss what might still be missing.
A practical exploration and demonstration is given in the context of Fraunhofer IGD's Olbrich project. Here, computer vision-based AR is employed outdoors in order to illustrate the history of House of Olbrich - one of Darmstadt's sights in the famous Artists' Colony. By the video see-through effect users can jump back in time visually with a smartphone: AR enriches a user's view on reality with a reconstruction based on historical blueprints. It reveals the building's original appearance in a sketch?like manner and communicates architectural characteristics in a reduced visual fashion. The presented AR techniques overcome current lightweight-AR and demonstrate how AR can add value to users through compelling visual depictions and how it extends user experience through enhanced interaction.