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Support actions for commercialization of R&D results in micro- and nanomanufacturing

Presentation held at Forum "Innovations for Industry", Session Nanotechnology, Hannover Messe, 23.-27. April 2012
Empfehlungen zur Kommerzialisierung von Wissenschafts- und Forschungsergebnissen im Bereich Mikro- und Nanoproduktion Support
: Meyer, Tanja

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2012, 13 Folien
Forum "Innovations for Industry" <2012, Hannover>
Hannover Messe <2012, Hannover>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Mikrofertigung; Nanofertigung; MINAM; nanomanufacturing; micromanufacturing; Technologietransfer; Forschung; Fertigung

When talking about the value chain of products where nanotechnology somehow is included the innovation process itself still remains the same. Nevertheless, derivate from the MINAM community (survey 2011) and the NanoCom survey there are still some difficulties in non-technological areas, which has been identified as relevant, such as Market conditions, standards & regulations, insufficient R&D and infrastructures. These barriers need to overcome. On different maturity levels of the commercialization process the ProNano Project has defined some support actions addressing the research landscape, market exploitation and the complexity of the innovation process in regard to European public funding, which fails to support innovation.