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Revision of the Mauch ankle - an old new hydraulic approach

Presentation held at Orthopädie + Reha-Technik 2012, World Congress, 15.5.2012-18.5.2012, Leipzig
Überarbeitung der Mauch Fußgelenkprothese - ein wiederaufgenommener alter Ansatz
: Starker, Felix; Schneider, Urs; Hansen, Andrew

2012, 17 Folien
Kongress Orthopädie + Reha-Technik <2012, Leipzig>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Prothese; Prothesenfuß; hydraulische Prothese; Mauch; Hydraulik

A revised design of the original Mauch prosthetic ankle shall be presented that provides a passive mechanism for adaptation in sagittal plane of the foot according to the slope of the surrounding terrain. Different methods are utilized to display the functionality of the design and preliminary trials to show the overall benefits and possibilities of this old/new approach.