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Difficulties and support policies for commercial exploitation of research results- setting the scene

Presentation held at the European Parliament Dinner Debate, Brussels, 20 March 2012
: Gommel, Udo; Meyer, Tanja

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Brüssel, 2012, 14 Folien
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
nanotechnology; Europa; Forschung; Industrie; Innovation

In the presentation it has been illustrated the main barriers detected in the commercialization of nanotechnologies. These include lack of market knowledge and of business vision, which in the nanofield is related to the well known difficulty to prioritize among a range of potential applications. The need was highlighted for early and regular engagement between research teams and potential commercial exploitation stakeholders, also providing examples of successful deployment of this approach. On the financial side, it has been pointed out the need for better understanding and communication of exit strategies. A main conclusion is that public RTD programs often fail to support innovation as they underestimate complexity of the innovation process as Innovation is not as linear as it has been perceived so far to be. Innovation is a complex multidimensional system, with a variety of feedback loops across the different parts of it.