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Boron suboxide ultrahard materials

: Herrmann, M.; Sigalas, I.; Thiele, M.; Kleebe, H.-J.; Michaelis, A.; Müller, M.M.


International journal of refractory metals and hard materials 39 (2013), S.53-60
ISSN: 0263-4368
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
boron carbide; boron nitride; boron suboxide; fracture toughness; hardness

B6O is a possible candidate as a superhard material with a hardness of 45 GPa measured on single crystals. The first dense superhard B6O-materials were produced under high pressure (1 GPa). However, recently it was found that different oxides can be utilized as an effective sintering additive allowing the reproducible densification at 50-80 MPa pressure at temperatures 1800-1900 °C. The resulting materials have similar hardness as the pure B6O materials but strongly increased fracture toughness. This article summarizes the state of the art of B6O materials - the densification, microstructure and resulting room and high temperature properties. It compares the B6O materials with boron carbide- and cBN based materials.