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Preparation and properties of B6O/TiB2-composites

Aufbereitung und Eigenschaften von B6O/TiB2-Verbundwerkstoffen
: Thiele, M.; Herrmann, M.; Räthel, J.; Kleebe, H.-J.; Mueller, M.M.; Gestrich, T.; Michaelis, A.


Journal of the European Ceramic Society 32 (2012), Nr.8, S.1821-1835
ISSN: 0955-2219
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
boron suboxide; mechanical properties; microstructure-final; thermal properties; wear parts

B 6O/TiB 2 composites with varying compositions were produced by FAST/SPS at temperatures between 1850 and 1900°C following a non-reactive or a reactive sintering route. The densification, phase and microstructure formation and the mechanical and thermal properties were investigated. The comparison to an also investigated pure B 6O material showed that the addition of TiB 2 in a non-reactive sintering route promotes the B 6O densification. Further improvement was obtained by sintering reactive B-TiO 2 mixtures which also results in materials with a finer grain size and thus in enhanced mechanical properties. The fracture toughness was significantly improved in all composites and is up to 4.0MPam 1/2 (SEVNB) and 2.6-5.0MPam 1/2 (IF method) while simultaneously a high hardness of up to 36GPa (HV 0.4) and 28GPa (HV 5) could be preserved. The high temperature properties at 1000°C of hardness, thermal conductivity and CTE were up to 20GPa, 18W/mK and 6.63×10 -6/K, respectively.