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Entwicklung eines Konzepts für ein Virtual Reality Exponat - Prototypische Realisierung am Beispiel des Fasanenschlösschens Moritzburg

: Scherer, S.
: Lutz, B.

Berlin, 2004, 169 S.
Berlin, TFH, Dipl.-Arbeit, 2004
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Virtual reality (VR); Museumsinstallationen; interaction design; interaction devices; optical tracking system

In the context of this diploma a concept for a VR exhibit was created, which is particularly suitable for the employment in museums. The tasks of a museum and the requirements to an exhibit, as well as the different techniques and use of Virtual Reality were analysed, in order to be able to describe the interfaces between both complexes.
The feature of the developed concept is the own created partitioning of navigation in the information and space level. Thereby it is possible for two visitors to explore the exhibit together in a playfully and informative form. Of course, the exhibit can also be served by only one visitor. The moreover several passive visitors are able to see the application. This is possible by using the Stereo-Largescreen-Projection. The created VR exhibit offers an intuitive operability and a robust user interface. The easy operability is possible by a clearly partitioned menu square, which contains exclusively symbols. The demanded robustness is realized by employing videobased tracking, which can perceive and analyse the body movements of a visitor.
Fundamental parts of the total concept were realized in form of a prototype, which presents the "Fasanenschlösschen Moritzburg".