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Apparatus and Method for Processing an Audio Signal for Speech Enhancement Using a Feature Extraction

: Uhle, C.; Hellmuth, O.; Grill, B.; Ridderbusch, F.

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US 20080086361 P: 20080805
WO 2009EP05607 A: 20090803
WO 2010015371 A1: 20100211
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An apparatus for processing an audio signal to obtain control information for a speech enhancement filter (12) comprises a feature extractor (14) for extracting at least one feature per frequency band of a plurality of frequency bands of a short-time spectral representation of a plurality of short-time spectral representations, where the at least one feature represents a spectral shape of the short-time spectral representation in the frequency band. The apparatus additionally comprises a feature combiner (15) for combining the at least one feature for each frequency band using combination parameters to obtain the control information for the speech enhancement filter for a time portion of the audio signal. The feature combiner can use a neural network regression method, which is based on combination parameters determined in a training phase for the neural network.