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Device and Method for Providing a Television Sequence

: Dunker, P.; Kühhirt, U.; Haupt, A.; Dittmar, C.; Grossmann, H.

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US 20080082773 P: 20080722
WO 2009EP04948 A: 20090708
WO 2010009812 A2: 20100128
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A device (100) for providing a television sequence (104) has a database interface (110), a search request receiver (130), a television sequence rendition module (140) and an output interface (150). The database interface (110) accesses at least one database (200), using a search request (113). The search request receiver (130) is formed to control the database interface (110) so as to acquire at least audio content (122) and at least image content (124) separate therefrom via the database interface (110) for the search request (113). The television sequence rendition module (140) combines the separate audio content (122) and the image content (124) to generate the television sequence (104) based on the audio content (122) and the image content (124). The output interface (150) outputs the television sequence (104) to a television sequence distributor (300).