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Apparatus and Method for Extracting an Ambient Signal in an Apparatus and Method for Obtaining Weighting Coefficients for Extracting an Ambient Signal and Computer Program

: Uhle, C.; Herre, J.; Geyersberger, S.; Riddersbusch, F.; Walter, A.; Moser, O.

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US 20070975340 P: 20070926
WO 2008EP02385 A: 20080326
WO 2009039897 A1: 20090402
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An apparatus for extracting an ambient signal from an input audio signal comprises a gain-value determinator configured to determine a sequence of time-varying ambient signal gain values for a given frequency band of the time-frequency distribution of the input audio signal in dependence on the input audio signal. The apparatus comprises a weighter configured to weight one of the sub-band signals representing the given frequency band of the time-frequency-domain representation with the time-varying gain values, to obtain a weighted sub-band signal. The gain-value determinator is configured to obtain one or more quantitative feature-values describing one or more features of the input audio signal and to provide the gain-value as a function of the one or more quantitative feature values such that the gain values are quantitatively dependent on the quantitative values. The gain value determinator is configured to determine the gain values such that ambience components are emphasized over non-ambience components in the weighted sub-band signal.