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Information signal, apparatus and method for encoding an information content, and apparatus and method for error correcting an information signal

: Wiegand, T.; Hellge, C.; Schierl, T.

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US 20070859464 P: 20070921
WO 2008EP05004 A: 20080620
WO 2009039903 A1: 20090402
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A scalable information signal is protected in a more efficient and/or safe way by adopting the interrelationship among the plurality of portions of different levels within the information signal in FEC protecting the information signal. In particular, portions of the information signal representing the information content at a higher level should have associated therewith redundancy information which is dependent not only on that part of this portion being disjoint to a respective overlapping lower level portion. Rather, redundancy information should also be dependent on the latter part so as to increase the chances of success of forward error correcting an error within the lower level portion at the reception side.