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Apparatus and Method for Processing and Reading a File Having a Media Data Container and Metadata Container

: Döhla, S.; Kraegeloh, S.; Färber, N.; Fuchs, H.

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US 20070947539 P: 20070702
WO 2008EP05373 A: 20080701
WO 2009003683 A1: 20090108
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An apparatus (600) for processing stored data packets (110; 112) in a media data container (104) and stored associated meta information in a metadata container (106), the associated meta information comprising transport timing information and location information indicating a storage location of the stored data packets in the media data container (104), the apparatus comprising a processor (602) for determining, based on the stored data packets (110; 112) and the stored associated meta information (124; 128), decoding information (604; 704) for a media payload of the stored data packets (110; 112), wherein the decoding information (604; 704) indicates at which time instant to replay which payload of the stored data packets.