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Apparatus and Method for Synthesizing an Output Signal

: Engdegard, J.; Villemors, L.; Purnhagen, H.; Resch, B.; Falch, C.; Herre, J.; Hilpert, J.; Hoelzer, A.; Terentiev, L.

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US 20070914267 P: 20070426
WO 2008EP03282 A: 20080423
WO 2008131903 A1: 20081106
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An apparatus for synthesizing a rendered output signal having a first audio channel and a second audio channel includes a decorrelator stage (356) for generating a decorrelator signal based on a downmix signal, and a combiner (364) for performing a weighted combination of the downmix signal and a decorrelated signal based on parametric audio object information (362), downmix information (354) and target rendering information (360). The combiner solves the problem of optimally combining matrixing with decorrelation for a high quality stereo scene reproduction of a number of individual audio objects using a multichannel downmix.