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Storage device for cryopreservation of biological samples

: Zimmermann, H.; Fuhr, G.; Shirley, S.G.; Ihmig, F.

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EP 20060012660 A: 20060620
WO 2007147531 A1: 20071227
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A cryopreservation storage device (100), in particular for cryopreservation of biological samples, comprises a plurality of multi sample modules (20) being adapted for accommodating the biological samples and sample memories, a module control device (30) controlling an access to sample memories accommodated by the multi sample modules (20), and a data interface (41) for accessing to the module control device (30), wherein the module control device (30) includes a data management processor (31), which can be controlled via the data interface (41). Furthermore, a cryopreservation apparatus including at least one cryopreservation storage device (100) and a method for cryopreservation of biological samples are described.