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EMUS-Wandlersystem sowie ein Verfahren zur Erzeugung linear polarisierter Transversalwellen mit variabel vorgebbarer Polarisationrichtung innerhalb eines Prüfkörpers

Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) system and a method for generating linear polarised transversal waves with variable predefined polarisation direction within a test piece
: Niese, F.

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DE 102010023028 A: 20100608
EP 2395349 A1: 20111214
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The system has a magnetization unit arranged on a surface of a test specimen (2) to produce parallelly oriented magnetic field to the specimen surface. A high-frequency (HF) coil arrangement (3) is settled on the surface for detecting a HF field occurring overlaid with the magnetic field. The magnetization unit comprises four magnetization bodies (1a-1d) arranged on the surface to introduce magnetic field lines with a predetermined magnetic flux into the specimen to change magnetic flux such that spatial direction of the magnetic field is changed in a predetermined manner. An independent claim is also included for a method for producing ultrasound waves in a form of linearly polarized transverse waves with variably predetermined polarization direction within a test specimen.