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Verfahren zur Herstellung von mechanisch vorgespannten Solarzellenverbunden sowie mechanisch vorgespanntes Solarzellenmodul

Method for producing mechanically pre-tensioned solar cell connections and mechanically pre-tensioned solar cell modules
: Wirth, H.

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DE 102008037821 A: 20080814
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The method involves partially applying a precursor material (2) on one of contact surfaces of a solar cell (3), a surface of a substrate and/or a superstrate e.g. glass (1). The substrate, the superstrate, the solar cell and/or the precursor material are heated to a processing temperature of 90 degrees. The precursor material is cured for fixing the solar cell to the substrate and/or the superstrate. The composite material is cooled to ambient temperature. The precursor material is selected from a group consisting of organic materials, glass-like inorganic materials and glass solder. An independent claim is also included for a solar cell module with a solar cell that is connected to a substrate and/or superstate via a fixing.