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Device for Simulating the Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Impedance of an Asynchronous Motor

: Schinkel, M.; Guttowski, F.; Weber, S.-P.

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DE 102006010737 A: 20060308
WO 2007DE00424 A: 20070308
WO 2007104282 A1: 20070920
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The present invention relates to a device for simultaneous simulation of a symmetrical and an asymmetrical impedance of an asynchronous machine. The device has three subcircuits for simulating the three phases of the asynchronous machine. Each subcircuit preferably comprises a series connection of a main inductance, a leakage inductance and a resistor between the input terminal and the output terminal, which are connected in parallel to ground across a capacitor and a resistor in each case. A magnetic coupling is implemented or the effect of a magnetic coupling is simulated for the main inductances of the subcircuits. This device can be used to advantage instead of the asynchronous machine in calibration of EMC filters.