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Spectrally selective reflecting thin-film filters for laser display technology

: Rickers, C.; Vergöhl, M.


Thin solid films 442 (2003), Nr.1-2, S.145-152
ISSN: 0040-6090
Fraunhofer IST ()
filter design; genetic algorithm; optical coating; sputtering

To provide a contrast improvement for projection screens used with the laser display technology, a thin selective reflecting filter was designed. To overcome the problem of unknown starting designs and permit a new evaluation technique, an evolutionary algorithm was implemented. Due to the lack of known target spectra rather than known features of the target spectra, a novel evaluation procedure using color metrics was implemented. Different selective reflecting filters were deposited on glass as well as on plastic substrates by reactive mid-frequency magnetron sputtering. In-situ ellipsometry was used for process control and in-situ re-design of the filter.