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Method and Device for Acoustic Manipulation

: Lemor, R.; Guenther, C.; Fuhr, G.; Wiklund, M.; Hertz, H.

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WO 2005EP07355 A: 20050707
US 20050922924 : 20050707
US 2009226994 A1: 20090910
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The present invention relates to a method and device for non-intrusively manipulating suspended particles and/or cells and/or viruses, which are supplied to a micro-chamber or to a micro-channel (46) of a substrate, said micro-chamber or micro-channel (46) having at least a bottom wall as well as lateral walls. At least one acoustic wave (41) is applied via at least one acoustic transducer (42, 44) from outside of said substrate to an inner volume of said micro-chamber or micro-channel (46), a frequency of said acoustic wave (41) being selected to generate a standing and/or stationary acoustic wave in said volume. In the present method and device the acoustic wave (41) is applied laterally to said volume. The present device and method allow an efficient coupling of energy into the channels as well as an improved control of standing and/or stationary acoustic wave fields along the channels. Furthermore the device and method allow for transmission optical microscopy to observe the manipulated particles in the channels during manipulation.