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Monolithically integrated optoelectronic subassembly

Monolithisch integrierte optoelektronische Baugruppe
: Bach, H.-G.

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US 20080027141 P: 20080208
US 2009202197 A1: 20090813
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A monolithically integrated optoelectronic subassembly having a waveguide layer stack which is applied on a substrate and has a fibre light-receiving waveguide layer in which at least one photodiode is waveguide-integrated is proposed. A plurality of photodiodes is integrated in the waveguide which is structured laterally and/or vertically in such a manner that there is connected to a coupling waveguide an optical distribution network which in turn feeds the plurality of waveguide-integrated photodiodes in parallel via waveguide parts, which photodiodes are connected electrically in series. All the components are integrated on one chip and conversion of an optical input power into an electrical power is undertaken for current supply purposes.; A photodiode can be configured as a signal diode which is supplied from the remaining of the plurality of diodes, as a result of which a self-supplied photodetector is formed. With an antenna which is integrated in addition on the chip, a monolithically integrated antenna circuit which radiates into free space is made available.