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Use of novel HNFAalpha target genes and their gene products

: Borlak, J.; Niehof, M.

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EP 20050090108 A: 20050414
WO 2006EP03179 A: 20060407
WO 2006125493 A2: 20061130
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Dysfunction of HNF4a may lead to disease and an identification of genes targeted by this factor provides insights into mechanisms of disease. In accordance with the invention thirteen new HNF4a target genes were found (C20orf13, KIAA0774, EPS15R, PLCB1, UGTREL1, RSK4, PAK5, FMR2, NEB, NFYC, KCNQ4, PRPF3, TRPC1). These genes were identified by means of molecular biological and molecular genetic methods. The genes code for various biological functions (metabolism, regulation of cell cycle and signal transduction, differentiation, ion channels, mRNA processing, see table A) and are thus important for the therapy of metabolic disorders, diabetic diseases and tumor growth. In the present invention, additionally eleven new HNF4a target genes are described. It was shown that HNF4a and TPRC1 are regulated in animal models of diabetes.; Thus, TPRC1 is a candidate gene for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. The discovery of the above described target genes of HNF4a and their function comprises an enormous potential for the treatment of metabolic diseases including diabetes and diabetic caused diseases and tumor growth.