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Auslenkbares mikromechanisches System sowie dessen Verwendung

: Klose, T.; Sander, T.; Conrad, H.

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WO WO2006DE00243 A: 20060203
WO 2007087767 A1: 20070809
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The invention relates to deflectable micromechanical systems in which the deflection of at least one deflectable element can be determined, as well as the use thereof. According to the invention, a deflectable element is retained by means of at least one spring element while at least one unit is provided that detects the deflection. Said unit is configured as a piezoresistive sensor comprising at least two contacts which are disposed at a distance from each other in a zone that is deformed during the deflection. The contacts are connected to a voltage source. A non-homogeneous electric field is formed in a downward direction, perpendicular to contact surfaces, such that the electric resistance between contacts, which changes in accordance with the deflection, can be detected as a measure for the position. The zone that is deformed is made of electrically conducting or semiconducting material.