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Schallwandler zum Einsetzen in ein Ohr

Sound converter for installation in an ear
: Kaltenbacher, D.; Schaefer, A.; Schaechtele, J.; Zenner, H.; Goll, E.; Dalhoff, E.; Muralt, P.; Conde, J.

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DE 102010009453 A1: 20100226
EP 2362686 A3: 20120104
US 2012053393 A1: 20120301
DE 201010009453 A1: 20110901
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a sound transducer for producing sound vibrations, which can be inserted in an ear and can be used in particular for an implantable hearing aid. The sound transducer has at least one carrier layer and at least one piezoelectric layer, as a result of which a deflection via a bimorph principle is achieved, or a deflection can be detected by picking up a voltage.