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AMHS simulation for fast manufacturing ramp-up

: Sturm, R.; Reddig, K.

Brooks-PRI Automation:
European Simulation Symposium for General Industry Applications : Innovation, Excellence, Agility, Value. February 18-19, 2003, Gent, Belgium
Gent, Belgien, 2003
European Simulation Symposium (ESS) <2003, Gent/Belgien>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
ramp up; Fertigungsanlauf; wafer fabrication; Handhaben; Materialfluss; Halbleiter; Fertigung; Mikroelektronik; Simulation; Transport

The lifecycle in virtually every industrial sector is decreasing. Especially in microelectronic manufacturing products tend to last for less than one year. Time-to-volume is becoming one of the crucial factors, deciding whether an investment becomes profitable or not. The right use of simulation is a key factor for success. Commonly applied simulation models are focused on steady state behavior and are not suitable for the investigation transient ramp-up manufacturing scenarios.
In this paper we present a tool to set up an AutoMod model of an AMHS (Automated Material Handling System). In order to analyze the robustness of the AMHS-layout regarding ramp-up and product change scenarios, the determinant control factors are modeled as time-phased parameters. The report capabilities are enhanced for time series and flexible log-file analysis. The application of this platform is able to compare different AMHS-layout configurations. The control logic is written in a generic way to be easily adapted to the MCS (Manufacturing Control System) of the real automation solution. Thus the model is suitable to simulate the production site for the whole lifetime.
The case study is based on the Aerotrak System (monorail transportation system) of Brooks-PRI Automation. It represents a wafer transportation system applied for the semiconductor industry.