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Borehole communication with acoustic OFDM

: Manolakis, K.; Krüger, U.; Krüger, K.; Estevez, M.A.G.; Mikulla, S.; Jungnickel, V.

Rohling, H.:
Proceedings of the 16th International OFDM Workshop, InOWo '11 : August 31st - September 1st, Hamburg
4 S.
International OFDM Workshop <16, 2011, Hamburg>
Fraunhofer HHI ()

In this paper we discuss theory, system design and implementation of an acoustical communication system. We aim to transmit data from the bottom of a borehole to the surface with data rates of at least 200 bps. As a technical solution we use acoustic waveguide communication with adaptive OFDM over a baseband frequency spectrum from 0 to 9 kHz. We characterize hardware components and discuss how to deal with their non-linearities. Furthermore we estimate the signal-to-interference due to these non-linearities and adapt modulation and coding over frequency correspondingly. We evaluate the codeword error rate by link-level simulations based on 3GPP LTE specifications and estimate an upper bound for the achievable data rate.