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In-Situ Messaufbau für den Einsatz in Beschichtungsanlagen

: Szyszka, B.; Pflug, A.; Rademacher, D.; Vergöhl, M.

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DE 102010023517 A
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A coating installation for coating a substrate with simultaneous layer monitoring, comprising a vacuum chamber (1), in which an interior space (12) bounded by a wall (11), at least one coating device and at least one substrate holder (42) are arranged, the substrate holder being rotatable about an axis of rotation (10), which runs through the interior space of the vacuum chamber, and a measuring device, which is arranged outside the vacuum chamber and has an excitation light source for radiating excitation light onto a substrate (4) held by the substrate holder, and a detector for detecting measuring light which is emitted by the substrate, characterized by at least one means for conducting the excitation light between the excitation light source and the substrate in such a way that the excitation light follows the rotatable substrate holder and/or the substrate, and/or at least one means for conducting the measuring light between the substrate and the detector in such a way that the measuring light can be radiated onto the detector irrespective of a position of the substrate holder that can be varied by turning of the substrate holder.