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Messgerät und Messverfahren

: Kuntze, N.; Rudolph, C.; Richter, C.; Nüll, S. von der; Emanuelsson, P.

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DE 102010015648 A
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The device (10) has a safety device (40) forming encrypted test statement (VHC) by using keys (PS) of a key pair with measuring data (M). The test data is encrypted by a complementary key of the key pair outside the measuring device, so that authenticity of the measuring data is verified. The safety device forms a measurement value-individual encrypted test statement with the measurement value by using the keys. The safety device forms a hash code as a test code, which uses a hash algorithm, based on the measuring data, and encrypts the hash code with the keys. An independent claim is also included for a method for producing and outputting measurement data.