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Optimized creation of monolayers for parallel readout of bead-based asseays

: Grumann, M.; Dobmeier, M.; Schippers, P.; Brenner, T.; Zengerle, R.; Ducrée, J.; Kuhn, A.; Fritsche, M.

Knobloch, H.; Kaminorz, Y.:
MicroNano Integration
Berlin: Springer, 2004 (VDI-Buch)
ISBN: 3-540-20252-8
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monolayer; computational fluid dynamics; Schaltung; Mikrofluidik

This publication presents the basic studies and the design optimization process of a microfluidic aggregation chamber in order to achieve highly periodical and mechanically stable monolayers of beads. All investigated designs of microfluidic devices exhibit one inlet channel connected to the so-called aggregation chamber. This chamber measures a depth which only slightly exceeds the diameter of the beads and possesses several outlet channels. With depths of the outlets smaller than a bead diameter, the beads are kept back and forced to accumulate inside the aggregation chamber as a monolayer. CFD-simulations are carried out to describe the process of filling and to assist the process of design optimization.