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Atmospheric pressure PA-CVD of silicon- and carbon-based coatings using dielectric barrier discharges

: Klages, C.-P.; Eichler, M.; Thyen, R.

New diamond and frontier carbon technology 13 (2003), Nr.4, S.175-189
ISSN: 1344-9931
Fraunhofer IST ()
atmospheric pressure plasma; dielectric barrier discharge; PACVD; amorphous hydrocarbon; surface functionalization; corrosion protection

Using dielectric barrier discharges run at atmospheric pressure, thin films have been deposited from hydrocarbon and silicon-containing organic monomers and the coatings have been characterized with respect to their mechanical properties, functional groups, adhesion-promoting properties and oxygen barrier properties. While hardness values similar to those of diamond-like carbon films have not yet been abtained, it has been demonstrated that films with high retention of the monomer structure can be grown from appropriate precursors. Silicon-based ultra-thin films have superior adhesion-promoting properties as interlayers between metal surfaces and organic coatings. Silicon oxide coatings on polymers exhibit a significant barrier action against the permeation of oxygen.