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Messverfahren für eine Halbleiterstruktur

: Würfel, P.; Schubert, M.; Kasemann, M.; Warta, W.

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DE 102008044881 A
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention involves a measuring method for a semiconductor structure with a front side and a back side comprising the following process steps: A) Generation of luminescence radiation in the semiconductor structure, B) Determination of a relationship for this semiconductor structure between the material quality of the semiconductor structure, in particular the diffusion length of the minority charge carrier, and the electrical property of at least one side of the semiconductor structure (front side or back side), in particular of a surface recombination rate of the front side or back side, as a function of a first evaluation A1 and also of a second evaluation A2 of the measured intensity of the luminescence radiation each with different spectral weighting. It is characterized by at least one additional, third evaluation A3 of the measured intensity of the luminescence radiation, wherein the three evaluations A1, A2 and A3 each differ with respect to the spectral weighting as regards the luminescence radiation taken into account in the particular evaluation and/or with regard to the side of the semiconductor structure whose emitted luminescence radiation is taken into account in the evaluation.