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On the role of corner effect in FinFETs

Über die Rolle des Eckeffekts in FinFETs
: Lorenz, J.; Burenkov, A.

Sangiorgi, E. ; IEEE Electron Devices Society:
ULIS 2003, 4th European Workshop on Ultimate Integration of Silicon : University of Udine, Palazzo Antonini, March 20 - 21, 2003, conference proceedings
Udine, 2003
ISBN: 88-900984-0-6
European Workshop on Ultimate Integration of Silicon (ULIS) <4, 2003, Udine>
Fraunhofer IISB ()
FinFET; corner effect; CMOS; 3D simulation

The corner effect which is known as a leakage current crowding at the edges of the active areas in the shallow trench isolated MOS transistors is investigated in FINFET transistors using three-dimensional simulation. In contrast to conventional trench isolated MOS transistors, the corner effect in FinFETs leads to a depletion of the leakage currents in the corners of the active area and does not deteriorate the transistor performance.