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Total integrated scatter from surfaces with arbitrary roughness, correlation widths and incident angles

: Harvey, James; Schröder, Sven; Choi, Narak; Duparré, Angela


Optical engineering 51 (2012), Nr.1, Art. 013402
ISSN: 0091-3286
ISSN: 0036-1860
ISSN: 1560-2303
Fraunhofer IOF ()
scattering; rough surface; surface measurement; optics at surface; BRDF

Surface scatter effects from residual optical fabrication errors can severely degrade optical performance. The total integrated scatter (TIS) from a given mirror surface is determined by the ratio of the spatial frequency band-limited "relevant" root-mean-square surface roughness to the wavelength of light. For short-wavelength (extreme-ultraviolet/x-ray) applications, even state-of-the-art optical surfaces can scatter a significant fraction of the total reflected light. In this paper we first discuss how to calculate the band-limited relevant roughness from surface metrology data, then present parametric plots of the TIS for optical surfaces with arbitrary roughness, surface correlation widths, and incident angles. Surfaces with both Gaussian and ABC or K-correlation power spectral density functions have been modeled. These parametric TIS predictions provide insight that is useful in determining realistic optical fabrication tolerances necessary to satisfy specific optical performance requirements.