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Innovation without R&D

Heterogeneous innovation patterns of non-R&D-performing firms in the German manufacturing industry
: Som, Oliver

Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler, 2012, XVIII, 461 S.
Zugl.: Flensburg, Univ., Diss., 2011
ISBN: 978-3-8349-3491-8
ISBN: 3-8349-3491-7
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Firms without research and development (R&D) have frequently been neglected by mainstream innovation research. The small number of existing studies provides only fragmented and sometimes even contradictory findings, because they assume that non-R&D-performing firms show a "typical", homogeneous innovation pattern. Oliver Som challenges this assumption. Based on current firm-level data of the German industry, he provides pioneer quantitative evidence of five heterogeneous innovation patterns of non-R&D-performers. The findings impressively underline the need for future innovation research, -management and -policy to extend their view on innovation beyond the scope of R&D.