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High-precision encapsulation of medical products using the example of a Retina Chip

Poster bei dem 3. Innovationsforum für Medizintechnik, 19. Oktober 2011, Tuttlingen
: Mai, Uwe

2011, 1 S.
Innovationsforum Medizintechnik <3, 2011, Tuttlingen>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Dispensen; micro-dispensing system; Mikrodispensen; positioning; Chip; Auge; Mikrodosieren; Mikrotechnik; Implantat

Technical products for human medicine can be implemented in the body of a patient to improve his quality of life. The retina chip of the company Retina Implant AG can be implemented directly in the human eye to restore blind people's recognition of light intensity.
- To protect the patient and the integrated circuits it is necessary to encapsulate the whole CMOS chip including the edges, the bonding wires and the conductive pads with silicone. Therefore lines with a width less than 100 µm on a three-dimensional substrate have to be applied.
- The Fraunhofer IPA has a wide experience in different dispensing technologies and the handling of different materials. Based on the existing know-how, Fraunhofer IPA can support industrial partners with development of new and optimization of existing technologies.