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Investigation of mass transport during PVT growth of SiC by (13)C labeling of source material

Untersuchung des Massentransportes während des PVT-Wachstums von SiC durch (13)C-Markierung des Quellenmaterials
: Herro, Z.; Wellmann, P.; Püsche, R.; Hundhausen, M.; Ley, L.; Maier, M.; Masri, P.; Winnacker, A.


Journal of Crystal Growth 258 (2003), Nr.3-4, S.261-267
ISSN: 0022-0248
Fraunhofer IAF ()
mass transfer; Massentransport; growth; growth from vapor; Wachstum aus der Gasphase; Si(13)C

We have investigated experimentally mass transport during physical vapor transport growth of silicon carbide (SiC). (13)C was used as trace in order to determine mass transport paths inside the SiC source material as well as inside the gas room. The (13)C concentration inside the SiC crystal, SiC source material and parts of the graphite growth cell was measured using micro-Raman spectroscopy and secondary ion mass spectroscopy. The SiC growth process was monitored using digital X-ray imaging. The presented method for the first time provides experimental access to mass transport which is of particular interest (i) for fundamental investigations, and (ii) for the verification of numerical modeling tools which are currently widely in use for the improvement of the SiC growth process.