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Neural and biological soldier enhancement: From SciFi to deployment

: Reschke, Stefan; Erp, Jan B.F. van; Grootjen, Marc; Brouwer, Anne-Marie

NATO, Research and Technology Organisation -RTO-:
Human Performance Enhancement for NATO Military Operations (Science, Technology and Ethics) : Papers presented at the RTO Human Factors and Medicine Panel (HFM), Symposium held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 5-7 October 2009
Neuilly-sur-Seine: NATO, RTO, 2009 (RTO Meeting Proceedings MP-HFM-181)
ISBN: 978-92-837-0117-0
10 S.
Symposium "RTO Human Factors and Medicine Panel" (HFM) <2009, Sofia>
Fraunhofer INT ()

We discuss selected highlights of future human performance enhancement and their potential impact as for example envisioned by authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, coming into reach of man now. With reference to a new taxonomy of ergonomics as introduced by Kenneth R. Boff, we discern "technointegration" and "stimulated bioenhancement" and allocate these to the realms of neural respectively biological ergonomics, i.e. ergonomics of generation 3 and 4. Tools of knowledge generation including the Disruptive Technology Assessment Game approach are addressed. A brief comment on the perceivable shift in human-machine-boundary by society is included.