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Electrochemical corrosion resistance test of zinc/nanocapsules composite coatings

: Santos, Claudia Beatriz dos; Metzner, Martin; Mayer, Christian

Jahrbuch Oberflächentechnik. Bd.67
Saulgau: Leuze, 2011
ISBN: 978-3-87480-268-0
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Funktionsschicht; Nanotechnik; composite material; electrochemical deposition; Nanokapsel; Dispersionsschicht; Galvanotechnik; Korrosionsschutz

Zinc is used for sacrificial cathodic protection of steel against corrosion. Zinc layers can also be deposited as a composite coating.The object is to improve the mechanical properties of the electrodeposited zinc, to facilitate forming and also to obtain better corrosion porotection, ZInc/nanocapsules composite coatings were obtained from acid zinc electrolyte at room temperature on steel. In addition to the encapsulation of the oil, a process for the encapsulation of aqueous ingredients has been developed. For this purpose, an inverted emulsion (water in oil) was prepared which serves as a matrix for the encapsulation. After polymerization, the capsules are transferred into an aequeous medium which then added the electrolyte used for the elecectrochemical deposition. The corrosion resistance of the coatings was electrochemically tested (Tafel curves). In presence of the corrosion inhibitor, the zinc surface shows a smaller current density when compared with zinc without capsules. This means that there is an increase of corrosion resistance for the zinc/capsules system.