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Collective and noncollective states in 120Te

: Nag, Somnath; Singh, A.K.; Wilson, A.N.; Rogers, J.; Hübel, H.; Bürger, A.; Chmel, Sebastian; Ragnarsson, I.; Sletten, G.; Herskind, B.; Carpenter, M.P.; Janssens, R.V.F.; Khoo, T.L.; Kondev, F.G.; Lauritsen, T.; Zhu, S.; Korichi, A.; Ha, H.; Fallon, P.; Macchiavelli, A.O.; Nyako, B.M.; Timar, J.; Juhasz, K.


Physical Review. C 85 (2012), Nr.1, Art. 014310, 14 S.
ISSN: 0556-2813
Fraunhofer INT ()

High-spin states in 120Te were populated in the reaction 80Se(48Ca, alpha4n)120Te at a beam energy of 207 MeV and gamma-ray coincidences were measured using the Gammasphere spectrometer. The previously known level scheme is extended to higher spin and new interband transitions and side-feeding branches are established. Five highly deformed rotational bands, extending up to almost I = 50, are observed for the first time. The bands are compared with similar structures found recently in neighboring nuclei. The experimental results are interpreted within the framework of the cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky model. Configuration assignments to several terminating states and to the high-spin bands are discussed.