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Standardisation of user models for designing and using inclusive products

: Mohamad, Y.; Biswas, P.; Langdon, P.; Peissner, M.; Dangelmaier, M.; Jung, C.; Wolf, P.; Kaklanis, N.

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Workshop Accessibility Engineering at JVRC 2011. Online resource : 21 September 2011
Online im WWW, 2011
Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EGVE (JVRC) <3, 2011, Nottingham>
Workshop "Accessibility Engineering with User Models, Simulation and VR" <2011, Nottingham>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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user model; user profile; virtual user; environmental model; device mode; user agent; user agent capabilities model; application model; user interaction model; context model; simulation; user model/profile validation; adaptive user interface; user interface design pattern

This paper presents concept of a generic interoperable user model that describe the relevant characteristics of the users, who will interact with products and user interfaces. These include physical cognitive, and sensory attributes, habits, preferences and accessibility capabilities. With such a model designers can define as many user interaction profiles as needed to address the whole range of requirements from a target population. It will also help designers and developers to maximize the level of accessibility of products and services by providing a comprehensive set of Human Factors design guidelines, which could be used in virtual spaces to visualize accessibility and usability issues.