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Management Knowledge Engineering - A toolkit to engineer adaptive management systems

: Krause, O.

Neely, A. ; Cranfield School of Management:
Performance Measurement - Past, Present and Future
Cambridge: Centre for Business Performance, 2000
ISBN: 0-9533-7611-7
International Conference on Performance Measurement <2, 2000, Cambridge>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
management system; performance measurement; balanced scorecard; knowledge management; business process engineering

In a world coined by increasing complexity, dynamics and even discontinuity, the strategy management process is key for business success. Adaptive man-agement systems are required to enable the implementation of an effective and efficient strategy management process. A core element of adaptive management systems are performance indicators. Particularly the design and maintenance of these performance indicators is critical for a successful management system. This paper summarizes the results of applied research in the field of manage-ment systems. It describes the toolkit Management Knowledge Engineering which has been developed to fill the gap identified. A case study shows how this toolkit has been used to implement and maintain an adaptive management system. From the lessons learned in this context, some perspectives for future developments are given.